glory be to God

Nothing but the pure WORD is what I enjoy most. When I was young, a blessed one here, all I was given was God. Only God ……..

I don’t think I ever thought about anything else. And I had a lot of fun in a safe and loving environment. I’m one of the blessed ones. Protected of the LORD.
It says in the bible that if you raise a child in the ways of the LORD, they will never ever forget it. So true. In my life I do not think I’ve ever really thought of anything that is more important than God and HIS WORD.
When I first read the bible as a book, it was like I’d read it and heard of it all before. Not foreign to me. So well known in my heart. I was so touched by the WORD of  God that ever single WORD I cherished and ate deliciously and scrumptiously. It was an awesome experience.
The only books that I was stunned at were the prophetic ones and I read them ….. was your first study Ezekiel. Mine was. God said and I read it. What I learnt in that study, personal devotional was that God said and Ezekiel did. Total obedience. This is where I got my obedience for the LORD.
My bible teacher was horrified. Not Ezekiel. It’s too difficult for you.
But the thing is it wasn’t. It was easy until it got to the part of rebuilding the temple of Jerusalem and well …. all those measurements and stuff. Not my thing. Don’t think I’m gifted in architecture at all.
We all talk but in the end, it’s true, we all have to give an account of our lives before a HOLY God. Good deeds and bad deeds. It speaks of a separation of the sheep and the goats. And JESUS saying, I do not know you.
When I read that it really spoke to my heart.
The pure WORD is the best thing to read. It purifies, sanctifies, justifies and glorifies God.
I get hungry if I do not study God’s WORD.
I don’t care if people think I’m boring. It certainly won’t be boring in heaven for all eternity.

I love it when I wake up into JESUS’ glorious pure white bright LIGHT. 

And …..

HE speaks …….. 

Glory be to God.

Reap and sow.

What you sow you will eventually reap. 

What you eat will affect your body. The temple of the Holy Spirit. 

Meat is delicious. Scrumptious. 

God’s pure WORD is meat.  And when you digest it, the rewards you reap will be heavenly. 

Too deep. Too high. 


Too easy.

Raise the bar. Don’t lower it.





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