rip it, it’s a tidal wave church

I’ve been cleaning house, we sing this a lot with our pastor, it’s lovely, I love this worship song, I heard this all day long, good eh ……….
let YOUR rain fall upon me

I’ve had like this awesome day, I cannot keep up with the LORD, with the Spirit, with JESUS, the pace is astounding, over lunch I was eating and then, revelation …… I just ate and sat and talked to the LORD, it was good my husband did not get mad at me, I think he was just grateful I was eating again, I did not eat for two days, I still cannot really eat like before, it makes me sick to think of eating, anyways ……..
there I was sitting and eating lunch in a public place and boommmmmmmm
what happens
I see this tidal wave
then I hear
rip it
I want to laugh
if you were a bowler this would make sense, cos we do gym and when we do gym we do gym, it is not that Michael is not a good man, he is very patient and would never force us to do anything we did not want to do but the process is exceedingly painful, man does it hurt,
we cannot just lift those weights … he says
we have to feel it pull the various muscles that he informs us to feel
slowly is very painful
anyways so I get to this stage of really heavy weights and look like some sumi wrestler and all the girls are laughing at me
what happened to your legs, you’re so fat, why are your shoulders sticking out, you been eating or something
the thing is … we ain’t allowed to eat, just what they tell us,
so, after a year or two …..
Michael informs me that I can just let it all go
rip it
your muscles will support whatever
you’re too strong now
and I do
I just rip it
that ball just goes
now when I saw this wave
it was like the LORD was just telling me
rip it girl
just go
just do it
I don’t suppose anyone else can relate except an elite athlete
awesome LORD JESUS
so love this

rip it
the LORD is asking me to
rip it
rip it
rip it
rip it

a tidal wave
not just an ordinary wave
a tidal wave church
rip it
ladies and gentlemen
just rip it


O can you believe this, I get to get a heart on my WordPress.

O thank you thank you thank you.

1 August 2014 tidal-wave-636

can you believe this, millions was spent on me yearly 
and what goes
rip it



rip it




now, a big clap for JESUS, HE is so funny and has a great sense of humor



again with

Holley Gerth


Thanking Holley again for sharing her blog with all us writers.

Join us …… 

I dunno about y’all but I think


such a

cool GUY



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