LORD prepare us to be a sanctuary

for you

Jenny Lynn Weyer

I used to sing this all the time

prepare us to be a sanctuary
pure and holy
tired and true
with thanksgiving
I’ll be a living

4 October 2012 jesusandchildren


Today at church I saw JESUS’ feet and the bottom of HIS gown.

HE was pure bright white LIGHT.

I reached up and touched the hem of HIS gown and HIS feet. 

When I was in bible study we studied about the hem. 

This was an awesome experience. 

18 September 2012 Before-the-THRONE

I saw JESUS seated on HIS throne as well. 

And glorified HIM.


2 thoughts on “LORD prepare us to be a sanctuary

  1. Kazz, thank you so much for sharing this- this is a beautiful vision and a wonderful message. I enjoyed that song very much. I had never heard it before, but I have saved it so I can listen to it again. The message of asking to be made a sanctuary for Jesus resonates with me deeply. I love and cherish the knowledge that Jesus makes His home in my heart and that I can worship, adore and delight in Him so close to me. Reading this really blessed me and I’ve been thinking about it and remembering it with joy all day long.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      This worship song played in my heart from JESUS while I was reading the visions of JESUS you had of JESUS. Like I do every day.

      This worship song is from JESUS to you Jenny.

      So I started listening to it again and are we not reminded Jenny that our LORD JESUS who is the Christ is asking for a heart where HIS habitation is desired, sought for, lived for, our passion for JESUS, all JESUS JESUS JESUS.



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