anger issues

1 August 2014 jesus-laughing-2_1340834830

Wow. I was at the recipient end of someone’s anger issues tonight. 

There are key words that pushes buttons that strike up anger from within and it may not even be the other person but those key words just get the person going.

And they cannot control themselves. 

Just as well, I’ve got peace. 

I don’t think I need to think back what words triggered it off. 

But when we all get angry we look like this. 

Get a life …… speaking to myself when I get triggered off as well. Some key words do it to me as well.


The thing is JESUS ❤ s us in spite of our imperfections.

11 Easy And Effective Ways to Deal with Anger

O guess what. 


Holley Gerth 



Thanking Holley for sharing her blog with all us lady writers all around the world.



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