the Spirit and HIS bride

16 April 2013

I’ve had an awesome day.


In a vision.

I’ve honestly got to a point where I cannot write it all down nor write all the visions down. 

As long as they are in accordance to Scripture, I’m happy. 

So berry happy happy happy.

Anyways, we had our leadership training and I was so glad really that our church is using the cross as the centre of our lives. The cross is the very centre of Scripture 

Everything leads to Messiah’s first coming and second coming and without the cross …..

Well …..

no one is saved really

we are all doomed to die forevermore

And the Holy Spirit. 

My Best Friend.

1 August 2014 A-Teachable-Spirit

O the Holy Spirit worked so powerfully in our worship last night and in countless occasions I was just about to fall over from His power.

He was everywhere ….. coming in all directions and today I was reminded by the prompting of the Holy Spirit the Nicademus affair and not knowing where the Holy Spirit comes from and not being able to see Him and He is like the wind. 

Well, this is for sure. I felt Him last night pushing and moving and prodding me. 

I suppose He was just reminding me of His Presence. 

So well ….. my husband and I were on our way to lunch. A late lunch and pow …… bang …… ka — zoooooooooom ……. 

I get a vision and went with the vision for about two hours. 

And my husband said ….. something ….. thinking I had not heard him but I did. 

We were on the bus and there we were

JESUS and me.

...Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. Matthew 22:37

Our lecture was about seeking JESUS’  Face.

I saw JESUS’ Face and mine right up beside HIS.

And well, I was so astonished and astounded into silence for two hours. 

I was reminded that in Scripture when someone gets a vision they are like ……

gone with the wind 


Like the Holy Spirit.

Here is my breakthrough. 



Has taken me to HIMSELF

FACE to face


1 August 2014 glory waves jennifer page elijah list

I honestly pray for you all to get to this most intimate place with JESUS.

FACE to face.


CHEEK to cheek.

And I slid my cheek gently round JESUS’.




11 August 2013 come

Then the LORD brought to mind that HE is the HEAD of the family like a husband is the head of his household and the intimacy between husband and wife leads us to an intimacy between Christ and us. 

How close are we to our husbands. 

When we are very close and intimate we are also able to draw close to JESUS intimately as …. HE is our BRIDEGROOM. 


Once I was asked when I saw JESUS on the cross whether I was making up a story. Like a story book. 

I was shocked.

I was just writing what I was seeing. 

28 May 2013 as a mother comforts a child

We are in the very verge of a great and awesome awakening of the very bride of Christ JESUS. 

Not only do I see JESUS but so do other seers.

These are my records of what I see and hear and what happens to me. 

Like Daniel and the other prophets, it’s tiring and exhausting. 

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit,

THEY are God.

I’m just an insignificant nobody. 

Just used of God.

I do not want to leave this place nor do I want to lose the ground by which I have been able to get here. 

By God’s grace.

God truly is


19 April 2013 lions-kiss-cindy-elsharouni

I think it’s Wednesday and we are all gathering with Holley. 

Holley Gerth




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