my warrior brides

1 August 2014 fART-JPag052M-2

Something extraordinary is happening that is changing the atmosphere in my warrior brides as they worship.

They are taking so much more of the land around them. So much more than before.

When I first started taking the land nearly fourteen years ago, I ended up not only the whole earth but then the entire universe for JESUS and with JESUS. HE led me to the most wonderful experiences in Spirit. 

Now the ladies, each as an individual. Each unique and different. 

They are taking all the land around them. One day, they will find the earth is not big enough. The universes for all time is our taking in Christ our LORD. 

Forwards and upwards they are surging with Christ our LORD in a most amazing adventure with JESUS. 

HEART to heart. 


JESUS is an amazing God.


Today, my prayer warriors in Sunday School prayed Scripture back to JESUS.

Praise the LORD.

1 September 2012 Faith-Bible



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