diversity, division, brings about change

what is so important to me is God is Spirit and TRUTH and the freedom in our church to seek JESUS for who HE is in the fullness of HIS stature and to ❤ HIM completely and totally ………..


my focus in my entire life is Christ, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, it’s really good to know that there is suffering in this world but when you focus your life or study in it, you miss the mark in Scripture, HIS promises, in 2 Thessalonian, God’s very ❤ and ❤  for us, promises that fix our eyes on HIM and HIM alone, Christ and Christ along, without the Holy Spirit to teach us TRUTH we are just rote learning, an entire class being the same ………….. imagine an entire class looking like this ……. this is not God’s intention …… or is it …… think the human mind and being an Armenian gives me the freedom to choose for myself ……..

like this, I’m not a baby ……

the first century church was so diverse, each one so different, you can see the difference between all the apostles, did they look the same, dress the same, speak the same, when you study through Scripture, even the personalities in Scripture are all so diverse and different, the only norm is Christ JESUS our LORD is God, our God, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, do not forget the Holy
Spirit our Helper, Helper, Helper, what does Helper mean, He helps us, especially in biblical studies, into understanding, for the WORD of God is Spirit, so those who do not believe cannot understand why we serve such a wonderful Saviour, why so passionately, I really am so blessed to have been given such freedom of seeking the LORD all my life and sending people and churches where there are boundaries, but free enough to seek TRUTH for myself and come to the right conclusion by the power of the Holy Spirit, I’m not ashamed of the Gospel nor Christ JESUS our LORD that is the main focus and HIS goodness in every chapter of Scripture, sometimes, we just have to stand up for TRUTH and for JESUS, otherwise, what is the point of life, JESUS and HIS goodness and promises is the point, no wonder so many are depressed and unhappy, God our Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, freed us already on the cross, we have life and have it in the abundance of HIS continuous Presence and blessings, I’m one of these mountain top persons, think everyone wants to be here right, in Christ, we all are, final

the Holy Spirit

I ❤ my freedom, the one which JESUS paid the price on the cross for me so I’ve got it right here and now in my ❤  , for all time, and eternity, to know HIM, yada ……….

are we building walls around our ❤  s so the we cannot hear God speak nor the Holy Spirit 🙂

are we building a wall so high around our ❤ s so nothing and no one can reach us, even our LORD JESUS who is the Christ nor the Holy Spirit who leads us into all TRUTH 🙂

the Holy Spirit showed me a picture last night, the red sea was parted and the sea was to the left and to the right as the Israelites walked through the parted waters, is it that this will be parted until the Day of the LORD, when all will be cleared, all deluge, O I ❤ the supernatural ministry we are allowed to grow in our church, sometimes it makes for easier understanding, reminding what I’ve been taught in Global University, don’t make a doctrine out of it, 🙂


1 September 2013 bird-wallpapers-1920-1080

this journey is humorous, funny, delightful as long as we are walking intimately and closely with JESUS and the Holy Spirit and our Father 🙂


the peace that surpasses all understanding


Like in a marriage, it’s takes two. Then change comes along. 
Both have to change.

I believe the LORD is bringing about a change. In what way I do not know. 

Just let the vision come to pass in God’s time.

I’m not alone in feeling like this. 

The LORD brought about deaf ears from Isaiah. 

HE made them deaf. 

You can tell someone something but when they are deaf ……. 

God does not speak through HIS creation. God speaks to us, HIMSELF. I enjoy HIS creation cos HE created them. Especially flowers to look at cos I’m allergic to them. So, looking is as good as it gets to me. The animals. They are beautiful. Surely a good God created all these things. It’s biblical. 


I honestly gotta say about the singlet and flimsey flip-flops. Not forgetting the super short shorts. 

When I grew up we dressed for church. 

It’s sorta like respect ….. to respect God. Otherwise …. does a person really know who God is. No. Why. No respect for he does not know God is HOLY. 

Simply that HE is God.

It took me a year to get the ladies to cover up. It took time. Still, more needs to be done. Or I get into trouble. 

God is awesome. HE works in all directions. There are full of planks in our eyes. All of us. 

God ❤ s HIS children so HE corrects them. 

Today we get to join in with

Holley Gerth

in her blog which she shares with all us writers




Thanking Holley for sharing her blog with us. 



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