here i am …. take me …. as an offering to my KING

1 August 2014 10003934_10152002833998527_111998704_n

Are you here. Are you. Are you. Are you.

I’m here. 

Here with JESUS. What a wonderful place to be.

What a life. What a wonderful life.


On our way back from our short trip away I saw diamonds of pure white GLORY of the LORD falling down down down down down. 

Can you all see it.

I suppose probably not. 

I was not born to be. 

I was born to be with JESUS.

You all know the devotional that Rick Joyner sent out about his church and as people walked down, the kids heard what the Holy Spirit told them. 

Yeah, I’m like this.

In my twenties I was asked about people we studied together. I just wondered why it was not obvious.

I firmly believe in God’s timing and God moments. HIS kairos moments. I firmly believe that when the time is right. It is just right. Ever right. 

Perfect to be exact. 

I was born cos I was prayed for from the LORD by saints who spent their entire lives for Christ JESUS our LORD. 

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. 

This is the beginning and the end of it all. They lived God. They breathed THEM. They ate THEM. 

I’m now at the same age as when I saw one of their faces, a long long time ago. Over twenty years.  It was pure white bright light on it. 

My mother was astounded. I was amazed. 

She had seen the Son of the Living God. 

I just did not happen. I was consecrated by saints who took me and offered me up to the LORD. Saints who believed in their prayers. 

For some odd reason I call them eternal prayers. 

I honestly cannot remember a time when I was not talking to the LORD. 

To me this is the norm. I live life in heaven and not on this earth. I’ve spent time and time again looking in heaven and day dreaming about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, yet, I would be doing things just normally here on this earth but not in this earth but in heaven with THEM. 

I’ve spent my entire life like this. 

I’m to be humble and not proud but I’m proud to be here cos it cost me a lot of nos and doing the right thing. 

The throne room of our LORD JESUS who is the Christ is continuously singing again and again daily to me. 

Do you hear it.

14 September 2012 prophetic-Fire

When I was young I used to feel trapped. I just could not find the freedom and space.

Then one day, not only did I dance in the fields, then the mountains. And then the skies. And then the universe and galaxies. 

Now, for all eternity. 

With Christ our LORD for all time. 

There is no darkness. There is only LIGHT. It’s like I want to change everything into pure bright white LIGHT cos it’s what I see and am used to. 

There is not darkness even at night. 

16 April 2013 i

Do  you see it. Do you. Do you. Do  you. 

O but the answer is probably not. 

1 August 2013  j


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