blessings from heaven

16 April 2013 LIGHT

I do not know what suffering means. 

I just know how much JESUS suffered on the cross that I may have life and have it in the abundant blessings. 

The sufferings of this world or death is foreign to me. I do not know these things. 

God is good right. So berry berry good right.

When I read Scripture …… the Holy Spirit leads us to all truth right. And TRUTH is a PERSON, the PERSON of our LORD JESUS who is the Christ, right. 

So, the Holy Spirit always ever leads me to the revelation of MESSIAH. Christ JESUS our LORD. 

The attention the LORD focuses when I study Scripture is the Gospel. 

Christ JESUS our LORD for the Salvation of all to those who believe. 

I often say, HE’S here.

It’s like this pure bright white LIGHT but in Scripture. Here here here and here. So obvious and so strong. So important. 

Once I played with a friend just for fun but not meaning any harm but she thought I was being rude and against her. I stopped and moved away. The insecurities of others at times of my happiness makes me sad to think she thought I was dishing out negative signs. But my intention was positive. Fun. Loving. I’ve since backed off. 

In life I see the insecurities of others. I see mine as well. But this is cos we are all still in this world. Right. It’s nothing to fear.

In my little Sunday School group we have all sorts of personalities. From the best to the worst. So, the talkative one who does not stop for a moment until the very end gets to pray for everyone and talk talk talk talk talk. Yet, the little quiet one who can’t speak cos her English is so limited and she does not get it just yet, gets to say nothing, but a very little. She gets to get on with it with the talkative one talking and huge grin and smile. So does the one who was with me for two years and her English is not good at all but her prayers are simple and her voice is strong and courageous like her prayers. Everyone gets a chance to be. No one is left out. No one is ostracised cos JESUS ❤ everyone in HIS kingdom to those who believe and everyone gets a chance. No matter what. 

It’s easier dealing with kids than grown ups. So many insecurities. 

Sometimes it’s as simple as this. Just walk into the LIGHT.

I was born to live in the LIGHT of Christ JESUS our LORD. 

When I first saw it, I just ran into it knowing that it was JESUS’ LIGHT. HIS GLORY. Safety. Forevermore, here and now. Today. 

I do suppose the seers and the prophets have taught me not to look back and just move upwards and forwards. I’ve come to a point I don’t see anything nor anyone but JESUS. HIS LIGHT and HIS GLORY. And well, I’m worthy. Worthy to stand in HIS LIGHT and HIS GLORY. And to think of it, it’s really what it’s all been about really. We grow from everlasting to everlasting and well, it’s a complete life of seeking and finding I suppose. Or is it the other way round. 

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit seeking me out. 

And to be honest, it’s been a wonderful life and  a wonderful journey. 

Have you thought about it really. There is no end. There is only forevermore. A continuum. Hey when I leave this pretty horrible place, all I will see is JESUS, as usual. 

It’s good to be me. The real me. 

I see darkness in people but I’ve been told not to tell the things of darkness but pray for LIGHT in them. 

It’s so many times I’ve been told not to touch anything dirty. 

Turn if you see anything that’s evil. Shield your eyes from them. Do not listen to anything unpleasing to the LORD. Even smell them not. Nor taste. If it tastes bad. Spit it out. Sometimes you just gotta live it. 

The thing is really really really to be honest, I’m not supposed to come out to play. Truly. I mean, look at it from my perspective. 

Y’all coming in here to play. And to be honest. What better place than this. 


Why would I want to leave this place. 

❤ ❤ ❤

16 April 2013 i

Sometimes you just stick up for those like me and well. Decades speak louder than words. 


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