22 March 2013 Alpha and Omega

I’ve arrived at this point where I will exhort and encourage from my WordPress. Call me a slow learner if you must but the prophets and seers and Christian writers all do it this way and have led me in this direction in the transparency for everyone’s own good. Including our own good. 

It’s always good to live a totally transparent life in the brethren and I’ve been exhorted and encouraged and discipled to write this way. I don’t believe in a book cos my journal of my life is a complete book. A daily record of what happens to me. 

It’s also safer this way as whether I’m wrong or right. If wrong I will be exhorted and corrected immediately and abruptly by all of the brethren. 

God corrects whom HE ❤ s.

We are encouraged to take action whether we get it right or wrong cos when we get it right the way is paved into the depths of who Christ is. HIS very ❤ and the multitudes will follow in the direction the LORD is paving at this kairos moment in time. 

I’ve joined in with the pioneers. 

1 August 2014 kratos power

The visions being vast. Larger than the oceans deep. Than all of the universes. 

Eternity business. 

We all have a long long way to go as yet but be assured, we will not stop plunging forward and upwards. Our goal and PRIZE, Christ JESUS our LORD and no other. The Name of JESUS high and lifted up up up in the highest place. There is no other than God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and if it be repetitive. O well, JESUS is it. HE is the GOSPEL. 

HE is the beginning and the end. HE has no beginning and HE has no end. 

HE is the Alpha and the Omega. 

A life poured out like JESUS. 

HE is the TYPE we follow. 


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