the world

The world is so dark and dreary and people are so ….. depressed and oppressed by the things of this world and the colours are dull and dark and clothes and stuff. Even furniture and all items. The earth is dying really. People of this world are dying inside. You can see many wearing black. Or dull clothes and the conversation is about the things of this world and suffering and death is in their minds. It seems hard to find a bright person or even in our Facebook pages, it’s the same. The darkness is spreading so deeply it is in the very heart and core of man. The mood is so gloomy.

 I’m opposite to all of this dreadful darkness. The thing is if you dwell here long enough you might think it is the norm. O how terrible for one to be in this place. 


This is so much better right. With Christ and Christ alone. 

❤ ❤ ❤

See the difference. Only Christ is even brighter than this. 

I woke up with this song from the heavens. And I saw the beauty of the LORD’S creation.

Bright and beautiful. Fun and laughter. Giggles. Happiness. Peace. Contentment. 

I’m so glad I’m not of this world. 

1 August 2014 c2d430aedef39bdbdf2bdbf958f0408c

See the difference between the world and light.

This is supposed to be the other way round but the thought started off with the thoughts and words and mind of this world which I tapped into. But I diverted my thoughts and mind and heart towards JESUS JESUS JESUS cos HE called me to HIMSELF. 


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