Logos 6 ( everyone get one ) bible study at its best

Logos Bible Software


I’ve upgraded from Logos 4 Platinum to Logos 6 Diamond and it was great using Logos 4 as I got to learn so much so fast. 

But Logos 6 is a completely new innovation. 

The new state of the art in biblical studies at a whim, literally.

It will all be laid out at once. It’s makes all the connections at once. 

This is me. I’m happy with bible study. I could vegetate here forevermore.

Feed me my Logos 6 Diamond will. 


My husband says, does this mean you will be playing with your new bible in your study forever again.

O yea !!!

We are all joining in with 

Holley Gerth

again this week 




Thanking Holley again this week for her kindness in sharing her blog with us again this week.


2 thoughts on “Logos 6 ( everyone get one ) bible study at its best

  1. Fun to read about this … I also am a Logos lover … and am still on version 4 … not ready to make the leap, yet. But glad to know that it’s wonderful! visiting from Holley’s.

    1. Logos has not been able to download Logos 6 for me cos my windows is not up-to-date.
      Got to get it fixed first.
      Logos tried to fix it but it would not download the updates at all.
      Must be a system failure of some sort.
      Nice to meet another avid bible reader.
      Logos 6 is wonderful. When I get it eventually downloaded.
      Glad to meet you btw.

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