the interconnection of all things in the Godhead

1 August 2014 jesus-laughing-2_1340834830

In regards to this light. It is worth venturing here and vegetating here for some time. It keeps popping up in my mind really. But then I’m a LIGHT person anyways. Are we not all. O but I see LIGHT so …… 

I’ve had countless experiences with seeing LIGHT throughout the last fourteen years. In all forms. 

Seems we are all interconnected by the LIGHT of Christ JESUS. 

The entire universe. 

Do you see it or have you seen it ?

Interesting right. 

I see the water droplets floating upwards when I’m in a plane. 

Do you all see it ?

I’ve given up. Most probably not. 

LIGHT comes from JESUS and well, in all directions, right. So, is it the Holy Spirit or is it the complete Godhead Three in ONE that holds all things together. All Three right. So, this LIGHT, Holy Spirit thing. Used to think about this a lot. 

You know that picture they just came up with. I saw it in LIGHT. 

Do you think that revelation even in this world is God – given.

But why yes, right. Cos everything is God ordained and God given in the right time at the right moment.

And well where God is concerned ……. HE leads us to all knowledge. 

Why is it so hard for man to bow to a HOLY God who provides and leads us to all that we know. 

Pride. Rebellion. 


An important part of life in total. 

It’s true that everything is connected. Honestly. This is so true. I got this fourteen years ago. 
The LORD has connected us all to HIMSELF. 
The thing is recently, I’m in the same thought that we are just minute compared to what the real picture is. That we are just minute inside the LORD. A part of HIM. 
We are nothing without the LORD right. So, this makes so much sense. 
The thing is this. Life is not separate from God. We are all inherently connected to the God that has no beginning and no end and what’s more. Nothing exists without HIM. 
But the lines are not square. They are rounded. A never – ending flow ………
All flowing out from the LORD. 
From JESUS. 
Once JESUS said to me, it’s quantum physics. 
What do I know about it ?
But I know Someone who does. 
HE knows it all.
HIS Name is JESUS. 
Sometimes you just gotta throw up your arms into the air and say, 
OK, LORD JESUS, I know not a lot at all. Actually I know nothing at all. 
YOU just teach me. 
And we converse. 
4 January 2013 Psalm-36-5-ss

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