God is good all the time

16 May 2013 the cross

prepare me to be a sanctuary
pure and holy
tried and true
with thanksgiving
I’ll be a living sanctuary


This is what I heard this morning when I awoke. 

Global University
Acts 2:42 -47

In life you just gotta go through the storms with head held high. 
Looking at JESUS straight at HIS Face and do what you must.

Sunday School

It was my turn to present this week’s lesson to the class. I had options. Either preach a sermon or use activities to enhance the teens into reaction. 

It worked.

One key word used was a ‘ close – knitted community’ . 

So I used sparsely and closely knitted cloth to explain what the word meant. Some managed to tear the knits apart. So I asked them if they desired to have such a relationship between them and JESUS, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Their family members and their best friends. 

In tatters.

We all know what they chose. 

One actually said that the family relationship was in tatters. 
How sad.

Then I got them to form a human chain. With one left out so that they would be pushed and shoved in all directions to break the link. They bobbed around and squealed and giggled and laughed.

Only one group out of nine failed to keep the bond knitted. 

Then we progressed, as I preached a simple two – minute Gospel. 

All this time I had picture examples so they would be able to gather their thoughts easier.

Then I had them preach a simple one minute Gospel in front of everyone. Creating one in the group, gathering their thoughts together. 

They were all awesome. 

It was brought to mind just not long ago that those sitting in pews may not be saved though they have learned to talk the talk and walk the walk. 

This is what led me to teach our teens a Gospel message as when I had been gifted with a course on it, it changed my life. I preached the Gospel a time and a half all around the world. 

Like the First Century who were empowered by the Holy Spirit by fire, to preach to the ends of the earth. Now our teens are able to do so. 

Through it all.


This last week has been especially difficult as my son is once again in ICU as he has to have a by – pass and is sedated without movement so that he can be calm as he comes off his blood thinning medication, so they can proceed in putting in a new heart valve as the old one is totally clogged. 

At just forty this is rather distressing to me, his mother. 

As an elite athlete we are told to leave our personal life outside the door when there is a job at hand. 

When our worship team sang, Faithful God, I nearly cried. But I did not as I had to do this today. 


There is nothing worse than standing in front of twenty – five teenagers looking distressed. For both services. 

So, would you kindly pray for my son, please. That he survives this storm. 

Through it all, I still preach Christ crucified and praise the awesome Name of JESUS. 

1 August 2013 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I’m joining in with 



The Lord your God is an everlasting light



Jennifer Dukes Lee



TheHighCalling.org Christian Blog Network

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Thanking both Day Spring and Jennifer and Holley for sharing their blogs with us avid writers of JESUS’. 


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