faith – a domino reaction

There is a blessing in every storm.

There is a lesson to be learnt in it.

God speaks.

Whether we go with it or stand right in the centre of it all with Christ JESUS our LORD and let HIM lead the way in HIM.

In the midst of it all, there is an absolute silence. A peace that surpasses all understanding.

It brings tears to the eyes.

The power of Christ in me. 

JESUS surely is the way, the TRUTH and the life. 

What we learn in it. Right deep deep deep deep in the midst of the storm changes lives. Me first. And then, it’s like a domino that starts to fall.


We have a choice. We make choices every single day of our lives. By these choices, we live our lives. It becomes for us a life style. Within these choices, our lives are led. Either to God. Facing HIM. Or this world. 

No wonder our world is in such a mess. 

I said to my friend just this week that I really want to grow up. 

God is growing me up in this situation. Yet, it’s not about me but a deeper knowledge of what HE wants me to learn about. 

In the book of Acts we learn how the apostles turned the whole world upside down cos they reached the world. The world in those times. The LORD still wants us to reach out into the world but now it’s a different ball game. Through the internet we can reach places where no man can go into and change the world for JESUS. 

Millions are discipled in this manner through the internet and learn God’s ways. 

The world is changing around is. 

It all comes back to our hearts. The choices we make. How we speak to each other. No matter how hard we try to hide it from others, in the end, it will show. 

I have made so many decisions this way being led by the Spirit. I was going to do something and then by the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I turned the other way. The route was tainted with sin and deception. 

The closer the walk the quieter the voice of the LORD. HE does not put a boulder before us to stop us. HE just says, NO, my child. Not this way. Come with ME, MY way. And we follow. 

Our world is dying around us. People are dying around us. Our cities are dying around us. Nations are dying around us. 

But, God is good and HIS ways and HIS plans are higher than ours. 

We just need to seek HIS Face and keep our eyes fixed on HIM and HIM alone. 

Confess our sins and HE will lead us into all HIS righteousness. 

HIS and HIS alone.

Dunno why the LORD is singing this song all day long.  

Sometimes I have no idea why I say the things I do.

In the peace and quiet of it all, I just surrender my hands up high and give my whole heart to JESUS. 

6 August 2012 LORD I trust YOU with all my heart



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