through the storm for 72 hours with Christ and Christ alone

praise the LORD
I’ve just had my first meal in 72 hours, I was sick, yesterday when I went to meet with friends for lunch before worship, I had a bowl of soup and sips of water, they ate heartily, I nearly passed out on the way, I managed to worship the KING of king and LORD of lords last night and went home, back to bed, I’ve been asleep in bed for the last three days in the complete silence of my home,
tonight, I’ve just had my first meal,
never really knew I could eat not for 72 hours and sip, water,
a first for me,
72 hours
my tummy no longer feels nauseous anymore
life is difficult when one is not well for three days
O well, we slept a lot,
made up on lost shut eye

I haven’t even been able to look at my monitor without wanting to puke ….. for real ….. hahahahahahaha …….. funny now …… a bit only ……. not really …… but most certainly not ……. in these three days ……. I said to my husband …….. just don’t talk to me …… do not talk at all or I’ll puke ……….. he did not talk to me at all ……….. for three days ……. lol ……..

I still stand before YOU LORD JESUS and bless YOU O LORD JESUS, I bless YOUR  ❤    LORD JESUS and thank YOU LORD JESUS for all YOU have taught me through this storm, wisdom from YOU O LORD JESUS, what not to do nor tread …… and for this LORD JESUS now that I have some strength, I worship YOUR HOLY Name LORD JESUS

some girls are mountain top girls
not matter what
never say die
God always has a test and a lesson to teach me
HIS wisdom


if I’m down and out
might as well be at the feet of JESUS
the safest place to be

❤  these tests


JESUS’ ❤ and mine

And when I couldn’t breathe …….


A picture of a my huge ❤ of ❤ to my JESUS in this time of difficult trial.


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