we reap what we sow


I do not know if there is a good person if they do not believe as JESUS as their LORD and Saviour. 

These last months have been tough.

My son had to undergo a by-pass and it will take him a long time to recover from it but then my youngest son has got it covered. He knows his mum well. I can’t take it.

Then two weeks ago I met with some friends of forty years and they are ill. And look it. 

I was shocked.

Then days later another friend of forty years is terribly ill as well. 

I was devastated. Also with my visiting friend. We were stunned into complete and utter silence.

Then just Sunday at about 2 am, my friend wrote and said, it was worse. 

In all of this, as usual I sought the LORD. 

My friends are not believers and still do not believe in JESUS as their LORD and Saviour though I’ve preached Christ crucified to them in more than five to ten occasions throughout the years.

In the years, I’ve make some pretty good choices and am reaping what I’ve sown into the kingdom of 

Ten years ago, I went nearly twice around the world to preach the gospel and today the blessings I’ve reaped are from my obedience way back then. 

In this terrible trial, the LORD has shown me that what we sow we reap. 

If we sow sin, we reap sin.

If we sow Christ, we reap Christ. 

I spoke to my friend yesterday and told her the LORD, HE is a just God, after all. 

In many decades back I used to wonder where was the justice of the LORD in the terrible things that happened to me. HE was not a just God but now, as I’m older and wiser, I see that God does recompense to those who reject HIM and not honour HIS Name and HIS statutes. 

HE is indeed a just God and I just thank the LORD that the choices I made were good ones by the grace of God. 

Now as the New Year approaches, I enter into a new season of only studying Scripture. 

I have prepared the new colours of the new season of our warrior brides and in this new season some changes have been made by the prompting of the Holy Spirit. 

We enter into the rest of the LORD. 

The year of the Sabbath.




Tonight at our worship this is what I saw and always see. 


Christ our LORD in HIS glorious pure bright white LIGHT.


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