Christmas for me

The Gift - 18 Christmas Personalized Boxed Cards

There’s been so much writing about how all of your Christmases are about but have I told you about mine. 

When I was young, we did not really celebrate Christmas in the same sense that it’s so commercialized.

Shop shop shop shop shopping. 

We did it like this. 

No presents. 

I think one Christmas cos I had asked for roller skates, I got a present just cos I asked. But that was it. I was fourteen years old and my best friend and I, we just skated the whole wide world away. Not really. Just up where there was hardly a soul. Just us two and the two dogs. 

So at times, I wonder about all this shopping. 

Today, I saw Baby JESUS. 


As usual.

Actually you need to get away from it all. Shut yourself out from the world and people and things and just get quiet with the LORD and voila ……..

in HIS Presence.

To be honest, I’m probably so very different from everyone else. It’s my upbringing for eighteen years. 

One of a kind is good. 



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