a gift from God last night

27 August 2012 Eternal-Security


Yesterday as I drove to our cross-over service into the new year, I was shocked at the vision I was gifted with and the revelation the LORD gave me.

HE showed me this picture.



And then I went up and kissed the face of JESUS.  

And lived.

HE said, ‘and live’.

Tears rolled down my face understanding what JESUS was telling me.

‘It’s true, LORD JESUS, I’m alive.’ 

And I could not contain the emotion inside of me as tears rolled down down down as I drove. 

10 October 2012 for-my-burial-1-GoodSalt-lwjas0525


Then in worship I was bowed down with the entire church. 

Like this. 

I was at the feet of Christ our LORD.

At HIS throne of grace.

And reached out and touched HIS feet in humble adoration of Christ our LORD. 

The KING of king and the LORD of lords.

JESUS who is the Christ.


The great I AM.

The ALPHA and the OMEGA.


Eventually when we were asked to all stand up to worship, I was so filled and empowered with the Holy Spirit that I fell back at least ten to twenty feet and bumped into so many other people beginning to stand up themselves. 

I could not stop myself from looking drunk and shaken and could not stand still at all.

For the rest of the night my entire body was shaking inside and I finally fell asleep at dawn when the sun started to rise.  



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