hidden in the WORD


You don’t really know where you are going until you get there and doing it. My Logos Bible is wonderful. There is so much food to eat here just right in front of me all the time and it’s delicious. 

I thought to myself this morning when I awoke. 

If I read all this year and study Scripture and the course I’m in with our U, what more does a girl need but Christ and Christ alone and sink into my library. 

I’ve only just learnt from Logos themselves the enormity of my library which I have and it’s delightfully wonderfully ecstatic. 

I could not upload the info-graphics of the six days of creation unfortunately but it’s wonderful. Picture stories stays with people.  



I’m basking in the GLORY of the LORD.

Hey, you know what. Things are changing around me. Everyone is beginning to study God’s WORD, big time in my church. All of them as well. 

Spirit and TRUTH

Think you just gotta live life the way JESUS asks you to and then the surrounding circumstances will change. 

HE changes it.

One just has to be obedient and never give up the race. It’s a marathon. Who can endure and persevere until the Day of the LORD. 




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