my brain is not working as fatigue has taken over

1 August 2014 the cross

So anyways. My muscles were in pain this morning when I awoke and I wondered why. 

O yeah, we had a three day solemn assembly and we worshiped for three hours each day. That’s why. With a three day half fast.

I had forgotten.

Then when I got to our Biblical Theology Education class, I just wondered why I was so tired before we began and remembered why.

After three hours of finally getting the doctrinal issues answered in 1 Corinthians. When I finally got home, I wondered whey indeed I was so tired and my body ached. 

O yeah, I thought to myself and told my husband. It’s the fourth day out every single night, for three hours in church. 

I’m getting old. My brain is not working.

Saying this in admittance, hey, those questions in 1 Corinthians 1-5 were answered thoroughly by our lecturer, patiently. He fed us good in the WORD. 

All thanks to our Professor. 

I’m contented and well fed with the WORD.

We all are. 

For me this is it. Studying the WORD of God. 

It’s the way home. 

Christ our LORD. 

I’m having a day off tomorrow as we have two days of workshop banner worship, three hours each day this weekend. Not forgetting Sunday as well. 

I’m pooped. Literally, already.

Day off tomorrow.

Soda Crush.

My vice on my i-pad. 

1 August 2014 kratos power


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