this is who we are under the GLORY of the LORD
warrior brides for Christ JESUS our LORD
HIS beloved
like no other
we are like Abraham
foreigners passing by
heaven is our home
we are like Abraham on a journey
to the promise land
heaven is our home
don’t give up
hit the mark
spot on
upwards and forwards we plunge into the Spirit realm
as warriors for Christ our LORD
of course HE does not need our help
but when HE calls us
each and every one of us on a HOLY walk
the crucified and sanctified life

[Verse 1]
Jesus the center of the universe
Center of the world Jesus
Whom are all things Thee
Are attributed Yahweh
Yahweh is the King of glory

We welcome the king
Eager to see the manifestation of Thee
Cry to Thee to shake this land
Our passion for holiness revival
We welcome the king
Exalt Thy holy name
Crying for open rain
We welcome the king’s coming

Greatly greatly
Anointing rain watering the land
Unseen eye and ear hear
More desire to see the glory of Thy face


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