don’t judge fat

It was indicated that I was fat twice a week last Friday. I was shocked that such would happen again to me. 

We are all so different. 

Fourteen years ago I was asked if there was a shirt big enough for me. 

I did not reply to any of these people but now is the time.

In my youth and early married life, I was a slim girl. A sporty girl. I won many medals in athletics. 

But in my twenties when my father died, I was so upset, my weight dropped at an alarming rate. I had the offset of anorexia. I could not eat. 

To make a long story short, as it’s pretty long, I was forty-five before my weight began to gain. Twenty years. It had dropped to an alarming one hundred and I knew eating was it for me or else. So in the years after that my weight rose and this is me today.

Diets are not my thing. It started with a diet and it got out of hand. I got depressed and well, I did not eat. Final. 

Even when I fast, I don’t feel hungry at all. 

I had forgotten all of this. 

People in church should really watch their mouths. 

I had forgotten about my weakness. My weakness is not eating. 

I don’t get hungry when I’m unhappy.…/eating…/anorexia-nervosa.htm

Looking at me now you would not think so but I need to be very careful I do not stop eating. 

Look up the pictures of an anorexic person yourselves. 

I also have a friend who is bulimic. She would eat up all her lunch at the bowling alley and vomit it all out in the toilet after eating it. 


Pretty me.



Holley Gerth



Thanking Holley for sharing her blog with us ladies, again, this year of 2015.


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