1 August 2014 kratos power

It’s always important not to go backwards but forwards and upwards. 

Not to look back but fix our eyes on JESUS.

Our ❤ s and our minds and our thoughts on JESUS.

JESUS is the WORD.

There’s the whole entire study of the WORD to look forward to. 

7 April 2013 gurard you mind and heart with the WORD


If one’s boundaries do not conform nor submit nor surrender to the WORD, then you are outside the will of God. 

You are turning away and one day you will find only darkness.

So then, as Isaiah says,  turn turn turn, and then, face and seek HIS Face.

Christ JESUS our LORD.

The Christ. 

HE is the WORD. 

The WORD is the Christ. 

And this is ❤ .

Be reminded, there will be false prophets and also the sheep and the goats verse.

JESUS says, I do not know you. 

 There will be a great gnashing of teeth. 

Follow the WORD and do not drift away from the WORD. 

Study the WORD diligently and do not let it depart from our ❤ s.


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