the narrow gate

I can’t find the song the LORD was singing to me this morning when I awoke.

The LORD put this dream in my heart. That the words of my mouth would be seasoned like honey when I speak or even look and think. 

In bible study we are taught that even our faces, how we look at others, need to be seasoned that every time we look at others it is sweet and lovely. That the other person does not feel intimidated by the way the expression on our faces look. 

I smile at everything. You cannot go wrong with a smile.

I believe

The LORD wants to purify me further. Deeper and higher in HIM.

My thoughts and the words that come from me before they even come out of my mouth.

Being holy is a choice. It does not make for popular. I do not want to be involved with the secular.


Change the world.

If you want to walk along the narrow gate, you’ve got to pay the price.

16 April 2013 Heaven is my home

I want to season my mouth and my writings like my friend who does not hurt when she speaks.

Seasoned with Christ.  


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