hidden in Christ

I don’t understand why our study guide is doing 1 Corinthians 15 after 1 Corinthians 6, 1 Corinthians 7 is so long, this will be tonight,

I need a break and we are going on vacation, again, for CNY, nice, it will be nice to get away for a bit,

I’m not a video or audio person, I love to read read read read read, even when I was watching Kay I never watched the video, I read the transcript, saves a lot of time, scan through and omit the small words, just get the main point, there should be transcripts cos it’s really fast,


the creed is me, used to go to church daily and profess my faith, funny how life goes doesn’t it, now I’m singing it, used to sing it in Latin, now, in my own language, funny how God works things out, just imagine a child professing her faith for her God, just a babe,   ❤  this song, cos I truly believed with all of my when I was just wee wee wee, I suppose not many at that age believe, it’s cos ….. of grace, I’m told, sometimes, no ….. not sometimes, it’s it happens, when a child believes, heaven and earth is shaken by the LORD, cos, she believes, with all of my heart and mind and strength, when I think back to a time when I was but a babe,  I was calling out just the same as I am now, our young warrior bride is doing the same, when I watch a person bowl, I know exactly where the mistakes are done and when, now when I look at my warrior brides, I can see how much they   ❤  JESUS and seeking HIM, the Christ, this is, MESSIAH, my childhood training was berry berry good, it’s worked out for me for life, I’m teachable, I have a teachable spirit I’m told by my bible study teachers,  🙂  no rebellion,  


we are walking as one body in Christ JESUS


my WordPress is doing well, I cannot believe it has been years, my blog here is working out,   ❤  the way it’s so defined and confined to Christ our LORD, then when I look back, cos I’ve been told never look back, instructed really, just keep on going, what a life, achievements I’ve left behind, sometimes, you lose sight of your past when your eyes are fixed on JESUS Christ our LORD and Saviour,


when we fall free fall
it’s the only option to fall into the arms of our Saviour
HE washes purifies and sanctifies
go to HIM and I get changed from glory to glory every single time

❤   ❤   ❤  

basic life application

be ready to preach the gospel in season and out of season
just be ready to preach at all times no matter what


It’s once again


Holley Gerth



Thanking Holley for sharing her blog with us.


Jennifer Dukes Lee


<a href=”http://jenniferdukeslee.com/tell-his-story/&#8221; title=””><img src=”http://jenniferdukeslee.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/tellhisstory-badge.jpg&#8221; alt=”” title=”” style=”border:none;” /></a>

Also thanking Jennifer for sharing her blog with us lady writers. 


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