stayed in JESUS’ perfect peace

wow my WordPress is really being viewed all over the world, no kidding, I was told to simplify everything, so a child could understand, anyways, in our Global University Course, our professor of biblical theology went through most of the areas of sexual immorality, but, not as much as Precept Upon Precept does, it deals with more areas that we did not even know existed, anyways, my husband and I were discussing it this morning, and, well, the LORD brought me to half a decade or just less than a decade when I requested to be grown up, cos I’ve lead such a naive life all the fifty years, and now even my Logos Bible Software is educating me in areas that I did not know existed, I’m no longer a child but a woman who desires to learn not only the goodness of God but all that pertains to be holy and righteous before a HOLY God and not wish to go along any wrong turn, I just want to fly higher and go deeper and wider in Christ JESUS and learn more and more and more so that I may not stumble and go in the wrong direction, so, this morning the LORD was reminding me of my past prayer requests and they came to pass, and still, I need to grow up more

I got another vision for my year later in the day.

I saw me standing and all around me the ground was pure white. 

Then I thought longer with the LORD and HE told me to clear the dross. House cleaning in my heart. Used to have someone clear it with me but now, I know how to clear the dross by myself now. I’m a big girl. 

It’s taken me years to grow up. I only started to grow up at fifty. Some people stay young at heart. It’s a gift. Innocence is a virtue. I’m learning a lot and trying my best to make up for time but my mind is not as good as retaining things as it was. Seems, you cannot have it all ways. 

Our church is growing at a tremendous rate. We used to have only two services for the last forty years. But now, we have five on a Sunday and even a Saturday service. You’d think that there would be less people in church. But, it’s the same. 

I looked back two weeks ago to find more space for our worship team to raise their banners and scarves but alas, it was full behind us.

The sun is beginning to set and the water in the harbour is as still as still as can be and there is a peace from within my home and outside. The light of the sun is flickering in the beauty of the water. There is not much activity outside in the harbour which is surprisingly strange in this very huge and busy city. 

God’s presence is very evident from within my home and out. 

From my heart and out. 

It’s so quiet here. Not a sound. 



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