slow down

let’s slow it all down a huge tad
do you hear it
I do
it’s time to turn my eyes upon JESUS and enjoy HIS face
in utter and complete surrender

I’m slowing down a lot. So I can go the full distance. This is a marathon. 

My husband has been retired for eleven years now. A true blessing from the LORD and we have been able to enjoy our lives daily, doing, nothing much but enjoying it. We lunch daily at about four in the afternoon and life is good. God’s gift to us. 

Our church is growing at an incredible pace. Everyone is studying the bible. All the ladies are beginning to do a study from Precept Ministries International. There are other studies as well but I’m in my Global University Course which I’m enjoying. Will be soon three short years. 

My Logos Bible has kept me company for ten long years or more. 

The thing with going deeper in the WORD of God, you get tired. It’s a lot of reading and a lot of information about things I’ve either read before or things I’m beginning to learn about now. Finally. There is never a dull moment in life. Not my life anyways. 

JESUS is ever speaking. HE is ever present. 

Life goes on.

I spend some of my time watching love stories to compensate for the depth by which I desire to find the intimacy the LORD has drawn me to towards HIM and HIM alone. 

I’m an introvert so for me, it’s easy to spend a lot of time alone with the LORD. 

I balance my life by watching a bit of funny TV and my husband, a precious treasure given by the LORD, sends me into peels of laughter and giggles cos we are funny together.

I would like to grow more in Christ JESUS in HIS WORD. 

There was a pastor who studied Revelations for forty years. 

I love bible teachers. They are truly submitted to Christ in HIS WORD. They are not false teachers as they do not stray away from HIS WORD. 

I’m this sort of person. 

In my twenties when I first read the bible I heard God’s audible voice read it all to me. The entire bible. 

HE was speaking. HE was reading it to me. 

When this happens to a seer, there’s but one thing to do. 

Never stop studying Scripture. 

In HIS time, He fulfills everything HE wants to give us. 

Like my teachers, I write stories as well. 

O but I always have. 

Must be a gift from the LORD. 

A gift from JESUS.


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