eyes fixed on JESUS

turn your eyes upon JESUS
be found in HIS full embrace
and the things of this world
no longer be
in the love of HIS beautiful Face



what peace there is to be found in Christ our LORD

when we awake from a deep deep slumber of healing in HIS heart

this morning I awoke and found bubbles bubbles everywhere

the life of a seer

my job description

I spend lots and lots of time with JESUS

my Father in heaven

the Holy Spirit

I hear HIS still still voice

I see JESUS every single day of my life

I study God’s WORD with a passion and heart filled with the love of Christ JESUS

washed by the WORD

what are YOU doing to me in my life LORD JESUS

what are YOU doing LORD JESUS

it’s beautiful

I love you LORD JESUS

I love YOU

I love YOU 

I love YOU


It’s Wednesday again today with

Holley Gerth




Thanking Holley for sharing her blog with us lady writers.



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