I preached the gospel to a stranger on the ship

On our vacation of eleven days. We are still not home btw. I preached the gospel to a young lady of thirty. Her mother is the wife of a husband in the Mainland. An official. She became a believer not long ago. She tried to tell her daughter about it. Her daughter is thirty. But she would not listen to her mother at all. They asked me what I do and I said I preach the gospel.

So, I preached the two minute gospel to the young lady and she asked so many questions and her mother talked about other issues but I pulled the conversation back to the basics.

Do you believe that JESUS is the Son of God and died on the cross for the forgiveness of all sins to those who believe.

Do you believe.

The key word, believe.

After three hours of conversation and lots of questions and so on and so forth and she asked, do you mean to tell me that if I do not believe then it is hell that I go to. I do not want to go to hell. And if JESUS is such a good Person to take me to heaven and all of my sins and not let me die in hell, then I believe, cos I do not want to go to hell.

But her mum did not understand the importance of her belief.

I had just got on the ship and just sat down for lunch in a very crowded restaurant so I sat with the two ladies.

I was sent on this cruise for this one young lady and she received the gospel and believed after three long hours of questions.

Though it is just the beginning I believe the SEED was sown and well, she’s a going to heaven. JESUS will do HIS good work in her.

Awesome right.


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