what can I say

what can I say
offer my  heart   O God
completely to


wow, how far I’ve come, cos, I followed the instructions, I’ve not looked back, along life’s long and arduous journey of life life life, testing by fire, how much I’ve been bent and twisted into submission and surrender to Christ our LORD, the life of seer, the thing is, it get easier and easier, not harder, it’s like an engine on the roll in fifth, it just cruises, no looking back, forward and upward, to Christ and HIM alone, not many get here, the view is magnificent, honestly, what can I say or do, just offer up more of me to JESUS, this is my job, what is my job description, to hear and voice of the LORD, to write it all down, jot it all down, and release it, life is a blast in ups and downs, the thing is, to stand on God’s WORD, as it endures forever and ever and ever, not to depend on self, even, it ain’t easy but once you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll, and you just raise up higher and deeper, but then, to be truly honest, I’ve had a lot of help among the greatest, prophets and teachers, why, guess they like me for some reason or the other, for the LORD, I suppose, so many are just bogged down into a corner and just stay there at the other side of the cross and are not growing into full stature we are all called to, for fear of what, I suppose the fire, the fire of testing, the more tests there are the more growth there is, the more difficulty, the more maturity there is, and one stands, high, and one day, we just do not leave this mountain top cos we are solidly grounded and rooted in the WORD, HE is our stabilizer, we are in a Global University course and our lecturer, he is mature in God’s WORD and does not waver from any unsound doctrine, strong teacher, he is standing high and strong in the WORD, it’s the only way to stand, you get to a point where, you may, sit down or squat, but this is it, your feet solidly held by the arms of the Almighty, O but then, I’m a seer and my calling is so, a mighty warrior of the LORD, I’ve done so many battles, I’ve stood high above the storms, held gently and quietly in the hands of the Almighty, as the battle raged on beneath me, and trusted the Almighty God, the LORD God Almighty, and did not move at all, you know, we are not supposed to talk to the devil, I was instructed, and just stood in the arms of Christ JESUS our LORD, quietly, and was still still still, as still as could be, so no one would notice as the battle raged on, there are such battles still going on, in the air, in the expanse, O well, for today, for now, my part in this great great picture the LORD is working out in HIS time, 

28 May 2013 as a mother comforts a child


1 August 2014 10003934_10152002833998527_111998704_n



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