my Saviour’s love for me

31 October 2012 I AM the BREAD of life Spiritual-Bread

into YOUR hands I commit again
I truly belong to JESUS
fancy waking up in the loving song of my Saviour

19 April 2013 soaking_in_glory

what happens is, JESUS speaks all the time, if we just take the time to listen to HIS beautiful loving words from the very mouth of the LORD God Almighty, how is it that life is so beautiful, so wonderful, so marvelous, so great and mighty and honorable and holy and pure and true and just just just JESUS, things are unbelievable, life is to be enjoyed with Christ JESUS our LORD, not without HIM, HIM and HIM alone, JESUS I believe in YOU, JESUS I belong to YOU, waking up in the arms of the Almighty, healed and strong and pure and holy, walking in the light and the glory of the LORD, this is what life all about right, this is what it truly is meant to be, it’s been hard getting here, lots of diversions, stop signs, falling down back on past steps being taken in victory, yet now, how does the LORD show me where I’m at, solidly grounded in HIS WORD, in Christ JESUS our LORD, now, when my heart broke when my Father told me to follow HIS Son and so I believed and followed JESUS though all the years I had been following my Father who art Thou in heaven, how does this work out or make sense to me, I have no idea, I just follow the voice of the LORD, the LORD God Almighty, the great I AM, Jehovah, Yahweh, and know, that all will be fine, cos in the end of it all, HE is in charge of all things, HE is in total and absolute control of all things, in the heavens and the earth, all things, every single thing, HE is everywhere, used to tell my boys at aged six, God is everywhere, and my youngest said, God is everywhere, just everywhere, yes, HE is, HE knows everything before it happens, so, there, he smiled, he was happy and contented knowing this, like I do, O to be like a child again and just believe without thinking, no thought of anything, you know what, I really thought about this writing and stuff and in the end, O well, I’ll just be me and not capitals and full stops nor commas, nor nothing really cos well the mind is so much faster than anything we can do really, right, so, I’ll just be myself and if people read or not, so what, it’s my journal and life and well, it’s just all about JESUS in the end, cos if I have to stop and think and be perfect, well, it’s just lost in conversation with JESUS JESUS JESUS, my LORD and Saviour, then really what is the point cos all is lost if there is no conversation nor communion with Christ and HIM alone, what there be no point in all of this if there be perfection but naught in the ONE that be the most important, Christ, the Christ, MESSIAH, JESUS JESUS JESUS, in obedience with my Father who art Thou in heaven, YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I’m happy happy happy, the break has done me a lot of good, a second breath, to continue on this awesome journey, what is the good of writing if there is no communication with the LORD, this is how I exactly see it, what’s the point in any writing at all if there is no relationship with Christ JESUS our LORD, this is how I view all of this,

7 April 2013 where the Spirit of the LORD is there is freedom


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