a most surprising weekend

6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Jn 14:6). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.



I firmly believe in walking along the unknown places, when I bowled, I tried things out of the norm, new things, finding a new way into the pocket, extending myself no matter how much the difficulty was, in Christ, I go a way that has never been walked before, keeping in close study as well in the WORD, the WORD is the plumbline, I suppose I’m a go go go all the way person that will never give up on anything that I put my mind to, I could not believe how beautifully those four steps were of an eight year old child is, now, on his delivery, sometimes people just do not understand how long it takes to make something good, with God, I tried all my life, personally I do not think God never asks for my effort, my strength, my life, cost, everything costs, in the life of this introvert, success is gift, I’m able to focus without distraction, I love spending a lot of time in my own little world, away from the crowds and voices of how it should be done, how they think that it is better to go in the direction of, when I was being coached, my coaches told me that they would give me all of their knowledge of the game but it is how far I would allow myself to find a way into the pocket that would make the difference between a medal and never being a winner, in Christ, I learn all that there is to be known about how to seek the LORD my God, but in the end, it’s the application of all these, all those people as our lives passed, that leads me to my decision making on how to walk, of course, in line with Scripture, whatever is a sin, I discard, look away, never look back, as a focused personality, I’m able to shut out, totally, what is of no advantage to my walk, let it go completely and utterly in my mind, this is why I was able to win so many medals, do so many great things, not because it was just by accident, it was intentional, I’m in a great church where we are all being fed to grow, in every single direction, so, I grow in Christ JESUS, JESUS’ direction for me is small, as a woman, I remain within the confines of being a woman of God in our church, as God calls, I’m never bored cos I’m always busy in my mind, even though I may be in a crowd, I’m busy, in my mind, I’m playing with JESUS, my line is always busy busy busy, it’s a part of my makeup, it’s a gift from God, so I use it and not abuse it, knowing who I am in Christ JESUS helps me move forward and upward, in the game of my mind, I went to a weekend conference by accident, I thought it was for all us leaders but alas, no one was there really, it was for other churches, but the things which were spoken about, we already learnt in our church as leaders, but it was interesting about the introvert, the lecture on introverts which I did not know about, I was diagnosed by my sports psychologist as an introvert, and spent years on counselling, much to my distress, but have gained much from it, I would personally like to hide in in in …. dunno ……. hahahahahahahaha, life is good when you’re having fun, sometimes I don’t see the point of crowds, what is the point, I don’t see them though in them, yet, we are a crowded city here, yet, I’m able to lose myself in the craziness of it all, in Christ, and survive in a dying world, living for all eternity, working out my salvation with fear and trembling, the greatest gift of all, for all else is worth nothing but to know Christ, for only HE remains, the WORD endures forever, in the crazy of it all, it all makes sense, it’s only JESUS that is, yada, I’m happy in my own little confine with JESUS, 



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