o, life is so good for me

life has always been good for me, all my life, I do not know what bad means, I was raised in a life that has always been filled with the abundant blessings that fall straight from a HOLY God, as I’ve been reading the last two nights about faith in Hebrews, I’m blessed beyond my own imagination how the LORD has blessed me, my ancestry is most probably the reason why, my hebrew heritage, when I was twenty, when I first read the Scriptures, it was so easy to understand, to know my God, it was like I had known HIM all my life, never missing who HE is, my Father in heaven, though HE was so far away, deep in my heart, I wondered why Scripture was so easy to read, it was all there, who HE is, yet, today, how close and intimate I have arrived at a place, how different I am from all others, I see JESUS all the time, I touch HIM, I breathe HIM, I smell HIM, I know the smell of evil, at a soft touch, I was born for the LORD, I never venture from my God, I never have, I have never doubted God, HIS existence, it’s so easy, to be honest, I’ve never looked around, what was the point, there’s so much to take in just to look at, to think about, all God, I live for God, all else becomes like dust in the wind but for God, HE is my everything, where do I struggle, going out, in Christ is all of me, out of Christ is none of me, O but then, my journey, my life, my struggles, so many help me along the way, why, I do not know, O but perhaps they see that all I want is God, and so, they give me what I want, all God, all JESUS, all of the Holy Spirit, perhaps they have never met one like me, in Christ, I’m never bored, never alone, never lost, never left for nothing to think about, Christ has become the most of everything that time could ever be, there is not time and if I told you about our adventures, you’d call me crazy, I should be institutionalized, cos, no one has done what I do with Christ, with my God, my senses have increased in the anointing, that I can discern all around me, HE truly is an amazing God, my God, I feel like a child of five, what, this, this, really, no, come on, why, how, what, what did YOU say, wow, incredible, awesome, whoopy ding how, sure, what, OK, alright, hhhha, sure, no, get away, the closer you get to God, the more there is, what a life, what a wonderful life, it is such that even in a crowd, I’m lost in the love of Christ JESUS, and nothing, nothing exists but Christ, HIM and HIM alone, I keep on running up up up up up, non-stop, without feeling tired, for in Christ, it is eternity, today, forevermore, like it says in Scripture, 


I’ve asked about the veil on my head, but no one seems to know the answer, they always go back to the beginning of salvation, but but but, rise up, higher, deeper, grow in the grace and full stature of Christ our LORD, see HIS beauty, gaze into HIS eyes, HIS tender loving browns, I’m so glad I’ve brown eyes like JESUS,

O me, O my,

It’s Holley Gerth




Thanking Holley for sharing her blog with all us writers, still. 



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