my essay

I was up until 5 am this morning on my essay, pontificating, going back and forth, here and there, there and here, not that I do not have enough information, I’ve a 3000 book library, I need to pull myself together, I’m dedicating all my time on these essays until I’m done, I’ll have lots of power naps in the day, I work best at night where there’s total silence, so I can hear myself think, hahahahahahahahahaha, I’m mad, as mad as a hatter, I look at my feed and we are all so different, going through different aspects of our lives in different parts of the world, it’s funny, I just hope you ladies will be patient with me, I’m a bible person, I love my bible, cos, my bible loved me first, hahahahahahahahahaha, my bible is my strength, my weakness is ….. I dunno now really, I just love Jesus, what can I say, HE loves me, I’m hilarious, I can do this, I can play bible study and time flies and goes by and the days run into weeks and months and years and decades, and then, I see JESUS, Face to face, lol, life is a blast and life is extremely good for me, all the time, I’m lost in the heart of Christ JESUS our LORD, this is my job description, hahahahahahahahahaha, love it, I love my life, 🙂 , is life perfect, I dunno but in Christ, it is, totally perfect, lost totally and absolutely in HIS divine love love love ………… in YOUR Presence I’m undone O LORD JESUS, heaven and earth becomes one with YOU LORD JESUS as YOU and our Father are ONE, I’m one with YOU LORD JESUS, one with the Father and the Holy Spirit and YOU LORD JESUS,


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