seek the LORD in times of need

well, as it goes, I noticed at 4 am that what I wrote the night before was not enough as I had read the question incorrectly, so, think I’ll be home all week here doing essays and projects, I don’t feel stress as it’s not a part of me, when I was growing up my parents just let me make mistakes as I lived life, they figured if I made them, I would correct the mistake myself, ie, learn from your mistakes rather than get stressed cos you’ve make them and stop, at least when I woke up heaven was in song and JESUS  ❤  s me, is this all that matters at the end of time, this time we are in, hahahahahahahahahaha, I’m a positive thinker, hahahahahahahahahahaha, now my husband thinks I’m nuts, hahahahahahahaha getting so wound up on these essays, it’s put him off completely, hahahahahahahahahaha, he’s a feel the stress person, I’m a, what stress, hahahahahahahahaha, you gotta see the funny side of this here, or you’ll just stagnate and nothing will amount, change, this weekend the word for me is change, change the essays, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Lisa-Jo Baker with strep throat is having trouble putting her kids to bed, Jennifer Dukes Lee is writing about love in marriages, I’m stuck on essays, hahahahahahahahahahahaha, you got to see the humor in this, what’s a little hump along life’s journey, so perhaps I’ll be home all month long, hahahahahahahahahahahaha, no problem, I’m in introvert, we love alone time with JESUS, hahahahahahahahahahaha

laughter is the best medicine

hence the song of a sweet surrender again to JESUS

It’s Wednesday again. So soon. Time flies when you’re with the LORD. This I found.

We all join in with Holley Gerth 



As she has felt poorly we pray for immediate healing in JESUS’ Name, amen.

16 April 2013


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