follow God’s voice

you’ve got to follow the instructions, if you are not deaf, you have to follow the instructions the LORD gives, in 2004 I was on fire for JESUS and went nearly twice around the world and preached the gospel to anyone and everyone, so when I got back to my new home I told the LORD to give me something big in a job for HIM in a church,  but to my horror, HE said, small, you are to do small things, so I obeyed HIM, but my heart was most disappointed, I told the LORD how great I was and wonderful for HIM and on fire for HIM and preached almost twice around the world, I was far better than Paul, but HE said again, small, do only the small things, you can see these grains of sand, how small each grain is, this is how small I have become, so small I’m unnoticeable, once someone asked who the leader of our worship group was and I said it was me, no one had noticed it was me, I follow God’s voice and leadership in my life, what HE says, I do without arguing nor show HIM and disappointed nor unhappy face, I’ve come to be content with little ………. I’ve become so insignificant ……….


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