an easter gift from JESUS to me

1 August 2014 kratos power

I was thinking again today with Christ our LORD. Actually, I think a lot really. 

It’s Easter and it’s a time of drawing near to HIM at the cross on the day of HIS earthly death. 


Where does a bride go to?

To what place.

It has been ages since I’ve been thinking about the veil. The head covering of a woman. 

We did 1 Corinthians and it brought me back to this place of intimate prayer with JESUS. 

We are called even to this place, are we not!

Of pure intimacy. Of seclusion. Just Christ and me. 

JESUS does not become my Bridegroom in this place.

HE becomes the great I AM.

The LORD God Almighty. 

The seriousness of this very place of prayer and intercession. 

An intimacy only those who are called to the secret place. Hidden away from the world. 

Called to HIMSELF. 

This is Christ our LORD of course.

It’s not often I’m called to this place of seclusion. Away from the world. 

Once in bible study, we were taught about the hem of the bottom of the gown of Christ JESUS. 

It’s fabric is so hewn and binded and fixed. It’s very difficult to tear the gown that JESUS wore in those days when HE was with us in the flesh.

I think about this a lot when I pray.

Then once, I taught on, ‘I AM the Vine and you are the branches.’

Do you realize how hard it is for the branches to be removed from the vine. The main stem.

It is impossible for the branch to be separated from the vine.

I did an intense study on just the word, ‘vine’.

It is in prayer and supplication and intercession that I get reminded about how hard it is for JESUS not to answer my prayers as I cling on tightly. Not letting go. Never letting go. Clung like the branch to the VINE. Like the bottom of the hem of JESUS’ gown. Unable to be torn. Unable to be torn away until HE answers my prayer. In tears.

This Easter JESUS blessed me once more.

It is my hair.

When I was in Europe last year, I was at a conference and this prophet: a lady who gave a mighty sermon on Esther. I went up to thank her. She wanted a hug. So I gave her one. The aroma which surrounded me was most amazing.

I smiled and said, ‘You have the aroma of JESUS’.

She smiled back and said, ‘Thank you very much.’

Today this very incident was brought to mind. My husband does not like my hair. Not at all. 

Head covering. The hair of a woman. A seer. 

JESUS covered it totally with the BLOOD on HIS Face. 

How much more intimate can you get. To be covered totally by the blood that covered the Face of JESUS that had not mark on it at all. The blood totally covered HIS Face. 

The blood of the New and Everlasting Covenant. 

I truly believed when I asked JESUS to be my Covenant Partner, HE would do it all. All I had to do was my part. Believe that HE will. 

This Easter, I have, again, received, another wonderful gift from above. 

Head covering. 

1 Corinthians 

Global University.

Life application.

Sometimes, in a most intimate place, a woman needs a veil to cover her face from the beauty of the LORD. To behold HIS Face. Face to face. My Father, HE gave me my hair as a covering for my tears. Tears that covered the Face of Christ at the foot of the cross. When HIS mother was weeping wretchingly. Heart-broken for her SON. The SON of the living God. 

I often think and say, ‘JESUS, YOU do not need my help. I need YOURS.’

HE ❤ s me anyways. 


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