Another Step Forward In This Incredible Journey Called Life With Christ


Tears filled my eyes when I saw this pin.

Love and compassion are the two virtues which I possessed until fourteen years ago. It reminded me what I had lost in my youth. 

What is love?

It’s never ceasing and overflowing. It’s ever giving out and never bounding back. It’s flowing out out out. Into a dying world. A world filled with pain and hunger and suffering and pain. 

This is what I learnt when I looked at life when I was just ten. 

Kids that are abandoned. Not loved. Never loved nor ever heard a loving word. Hunger. A child as small as small as can be. Dumped at birth. Adults broken beyond repair. Living in a life that can only bring comfort from being allowed to be. Alive. Crippled and almost not human from some sin. People just managing. 

The world goes on and on and on. Yet, people suffer. 

Even JESUS did and had to. And HE did nothing wrong. Nothing at all.


Does it matter who they are. Just love. Love is quiet and still and non-judgmental to those who are in severe pain. Even little pain. 

Then where does this all make a difference in my life at this point in my walk with the LORD.

It’s finding this place. In HIS time and HIS will and just live and be. 

JESUS’ ❤ is so extravagant.

This is where I was born to be.

I had to smile when I found these on James’ Facebook. This looks like my life. 

Now I’m the old lady.

The two pins were found in Facebook under the name of the Prophetic Art of James Nesbit.

More of my Easter gift from JESUS. 


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