JESUS Gave HIS Life For Mine

Thank YOU JESUS for giving YOUR life for mine.
This is true ❤ that JESUS gave HIS life so that I may have life eternal for all eternity.
Today and every day of my life.
I belong to JESUS

We always ever want to hear about the good parts of Scripture but not those that convict us of our sinful nature. A friend said I study so much that I have a form of godliness but no power. A long long time ago when I bowled and won, I was told I had so much power. I told her I have no power. Only JESUS has power. I’m weak. Yet, it contradicts the amount of medals I won. To know my place in the great picture of all things of God. Nothing of this world. Indeed to have power in this world is the most important thing but in God’s kingdom, the weakest is the greatest. Here is the power. Christ died for us so that we can have all eternity forevermore with HIM. To reign in HIS kingdom. If you had a best friend and she was suffering, would you be touched in your heart. JESUS is my best Friend, so, since a very tender age of seven, this very time in HIS life, touched me. It was not long. Just a day. Two. Yet, for me, HE called me to share in HIS sufferings. I care. I care about JESUS at this time. I know how to love. Because I belong to JESUS. I wiped JESUS’ brow and tenderly wipe HIS forehead. And I gently place a kiss on HIS forehead. Because I ❤   HIM. HE is the greatest ❤ that there ever could be. For me, I do so pray that the greatest ❤ that I have in my belongs to JESUS.

For years as a young child my mother took me into our prayer closet and fasted. She told me I would have a half fast cos I was just a child. She did not eat for a day. We were all hungry. My two brothers and I and my mum. We lay in bed and reflected in peace what Good Friday meant. All four of us.


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