JESUS heals.

I’ve been working on my course essays and projects the last three weeks and last night right at the end of a four hour write I saw this.


I think it’s beautiful. JESUS gives me things all the time. Blessings galore.

I was extremely tired afterwards and my neck was in so much pain, so I laid hands on my neck and swayed with the Holy Spirit and the pain went away. I was healed. 90 % at once. 

This morning when I woke up with JESUS I did not feel anymore pain in my neck. But I had a headache as I had not had enough sleep. So, I went back to bed and now there’s no headache nor pain in my neck.

Actually the pain was so bad it hurt the top of my chest like the pain went right through, so I laid hands there as well.


Global University

ICA Bible Academy

It’s Holley Gerth in in Coffee for Your Heart weekly link-up!

Thanking Holley for sharing once again her blog with all us lady writers. We are getting better and better. 


2 thoughts on “JESUS heals.

  1. Praise God! I am so glad that He is a healing God – who still heals, and loves, and makes whole! Rejoicing with you for your healing! So glad we are neighbors over at Holley’s place today!

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