I Learnt To Live Life With A Passion

Domonic was bowling  last Thursday and he just droppd the ball and it made a big thumping sound. I was so upset that he was not placing the ball gently like it was an egg. So, I showed him what to do and I got three strikes.. Now, this is without taking any steps. With just a twelve pounder. 

I thought back to my game and memories just started to come. This would not be of any interest to anyone who is not an elite athlete.

What is bowling?

It is the wind. I used to have my hair pulled right up to the front of my face. Why?

The wind and the breeze  Gentle and blowing gently. If my hair blew in the right direction, I had not swayed off course. Depending on how the breeze blew and my hair blew, I could tell if I was walking in the right direction. Whether it would be a successful delivery in hope of a string of five strikes. Which would give me a 220 average. 

Even the shoes. If the noise of the leather soles of my bowling shoes, squeaked. I was walking croockedly. So important. If it just swooned forward with a sliding sound. The same one all the time. There was hope at the end of the step. I never stopped my slide. I just got to the end of it. Without a sound. Silence is golden. You can hear the breeze and the wind swooning at you as you approached the end of your delivery. 

There was no sound at the delivery. Just a swish. The same swishing sound. 

Now, there are hundred of bowlers and spectators. All the noise in the world was at the centre. Depending which country you come from, the noise varries. Some clap continuously, without stopping. Yelling at the same time. 

And I live in my own little world and hear all this. I’m closest to myself. So the chances of hearing the sound of the swish and the swoon is  hyper intensified. The best bet of getting it right. 

Silence is golden. 

I had to have hair above shoulder length as I had to wash my hair daily. I was totally soaked to the bone daily. Soaked through and through and through.  

Therefore the gentle swish and movement of my hair was clear indication.  When I retired from national competition I started to allow my hair to grow longer. It was lovely. I had always in my life had long hair. I would swirl my hair back on the way back to the ball return. 

How does any of this play a part in the game?


If you cannot hear the sound above the havoc of the noise nor feel the breeze at the height of the screamingand yelling all aorund you. Then you are unable to procuce the best senario, delivering the most effective touch of the head pin that dismatles and demoralizes all ten pins. 

This is the passion I had for the game. Living in my own little ole world, doing my own little ole thing. Happily. 

So, I ask myself. Hey. That box was great. 

And then I ask myself a deeper question. That box or this!

Life is great. I’m an introvert who loves to do my own little ole thing at my own little ole time. Even in the midst of the mulitudes. The noise. Life. In life, I love doing life in my own little way. Happily. 


But for Jesus’ grace I would not be saved. I’m out of town and cannot post a pic nor post the song. 

Life is extremely good for me. As always. 


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