No Sleep Depravation

If you have been through a Sports Science Program you do not experience depravation. Your entire life is monitored. Set. Programed. So it seems, to me anyways. Programed for life. 

We do not experience sleep depravation as what was, is, and still stands. 

Yesterday we had little sleep as our flight was at the crack of dawn. So I made up by sleeping on the plane. But when we arrived and had had lunch, I went back to sleep. And well. My husband also sleepy. Slept as well. For four hours. 

The thing is, I had only had four hours sleep. It seems that when I go to bed at night, I sleep for eight hours straight without a whisper of life, until the eight hours is done. 

There was one lady from Korea, she went to bed at 9 pm and woke at 7 pm. 

I can sleep twelve hours straight but I get a headache. 

The funny thing about us is this. You could get half a dozen of us on the lanes competing but there is silence. Though we know each other, we are so focused on the job at hand. 

I ask myself this. Mmmmm Interesting.

I’m so different. Self imposed. No idea. Just a way of life. I don’t miss out on sleep at all. 

So, my husband who used to sleep so little in his past, is just like me. We have a peaceful life. The world may whirl around me but. So, it’s whirling. 

God has an order to things and in my life there’s been a set order of things. It still is. Much to my surprise. Nothing has changed. Just JESUS and me. 

I thought about this. I had this wonderful conversation with JESUS. HE did it all for me. Why change it. What is so good in my life So many are experiencing sleep depravation. Here, my husband and I are experiencing lots of rest and peace and happiness. 

What can I say!

I stand. Just wondering if the rest are like me. Probably. 


I’m going to bring half a dozen eggs for Dominic to learn how gentle he MUST deliver that ball, though it’s only six pounds and far too light now. Still. Object lesson. 


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