Ten Years Of Commitment

In deep thought a prayer with JESUS on this short vacation. My husband and I had a great time seeing a place that is so different. A growing country. Birthing into being just like the rest of us. It’s beautiful. Beautiful people and beautiful part we explored.
In all of this, I’m committing to another ten years of bible study of the same type, I’m currently in.
The desire to walk along the quiet and still still path with JESUS in this setting. As you see from the pin below it’s a beautifully shady path. A quiet straight walk.
Leaving everything else behind me and surging forward and upward in the WORD of God.
The narrow gate.
I love my church. Been in it since like forever.
Another ten years of focus focus focus on the WORD of God.
What more can a bride of Christ want more than just studying God’s Word. This is for me.


I’m leaving behind this mysticism which I learnt in this Global University course.  

I’m staying the course, lifting up both my hands and surrendering to JESUS. I belong to JESUS. I just want to focus on the pure WORD of God. For ten short years. A decade. Here in the safety of the surroundings I’m currently in. And write my short stories about my adventures with JESUS in study. 

I’m safe just right here. 

24 October 2012 the transforming Spirit of God

O dear me, it’s so fast, I can’t keep up. It’s once again Holley Gerth‘s 



Thanking  Holley for sharing her blog once again with us ladies. 


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