I surrender all.

As usual.


Most people love to go from place to place to place. Marriage to marriage. Friend to friend. Finding the most perfect place. Never really having peace in the just one place.
But for me, well. Since a very tender young age, all I ever had was just one place. Just one God. Just one. Nothing really. I grew up in a place where there was peace and quiet. A place where there was not much. Just a couple of people. Really there were only a lot of people in church. Just one church.
Brought up to stay in one place. Not to waver nor move. Just find God.
And I did. Big time.
When I was in my early twenties, I started to learn the art of tenpin bowling and stayed in the same place. The same people. The same game.
I was taught in the HK Sports Intstitute that to be successful you must be first in your own country. Then the nations surrounding us. Then the world.
I told my friend in my mid twenties that I wanted to be an Olympic champion.
I pursued that dream but our sport never made it to the Olympics, though I very easily make the cut. I’m usually up there on my own.
There is a power in the one.
One everything, really.
I’ve pursued the LORD in Scripture, and well, it’s all good here as well.
Just keep a singular mind.
I’m a fighter. A warrior.
If you could have seen me in battle on the lanes. The ball was battered and done with after one tournament. My heart was shattered and broken for the game.
The pain of loss. The agony of defeat.
Once, this one girl came back and just kicked the ball return and screamed and threw her ball. Then fell on the chair with a big thump and slammed her legs on to the ground.
What happened in her shot to be honest, though I was next to her, I have no idea. I had problems of my own.
O btw, she won and was World Cup Champion, there. Though I never saw her again.
The heartache of loss is great in the game. We put every single bit of our energy into the one shot. Just the one shot. The first one. It just got so passionate in the game I would scream. It’s an uncontrollable reaction to giving it all you’ve got. There is screaming all around.
Fight the good fight of faith.
Jeanette Baker, two time World Champion, came up to me for a talk. What have you got on your shoes. I’m right after you in this. She was to my left. Usually in those days, left to right. Right to left. I can’t walk properly. There’s stuff on the approach. It’s bothering me. What’s under your shoes?
So, I showed her my slides.
Look at your shoes. You’re leaving stuff all over the approach cos you are sliding with your toes.
Anyways, she is the eye of the tiger girl. Before she won the World Cup the first time, she was listening to this song. Non-stop when it first came out.
We work in lines and curves and axles.
Stay in the game no matter what.
Change within but keep the outside conditions the same.
Dunno why but you all love my journal. Thanks for joining in this journey called life with Christ in me.


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