In Constant Communion With The LORD


Well, the conversation with my Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit, has progressed in such an intimate way that it is just a continuous flow of conversation. Communion. A Constant. I, too, used to lay flat on the floor, or my bed. But now, everywhere and anywhere I go, is flowing in conversation with a HOLY God. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Godhead, Three in ONE. I do not try to figure which part of the Godhead I’m speaking to. I just focus my prayers on JESUS. With it never ceasing. Never ending. Blocking off the noise of the world, I enter into the confines of the throne room of Christ. At all times. And we sit and chat. This is my prayer. JESUS and I, we both chat to each other. Blessings flowing from the feet and the hands and the heart of Christ our LORD.



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