Demonic Activity. The Holy Fire Of Cleansing. House Cleaning.


I was asked to tell someone about it today, so I’m writing about it. When three people see the same thing, who see in the supernatural, then it’s it. 

We do church in a place which was a movie house a long long time ago. I saw darkness to the far right at the back some years ago. Then the LORD told me that that was where they did all their offering to the gods. I smelt something very nasty on the right. The second row. Middle. I have never gone there again. The LORD told me something dirty happened there. 

You all know the verse from Ephesians 6. I’ll let the saints who specialize in demonic warfare, respond. 

When we place something high. You know in the OT when the gods of Baal were not taken down, the king was cut off. 

Our screen is the highest point. 

When we place some picture which resembles a god, then we are opening the door for demonic activity. 

There can be anger and division and all the things that separate the love of God in a community. 

I specialize in JESUS and intimacy with HIM. 

So, I know when something is not right. 

Pictures of gods with many hands. High and lifted up in

the heavenly places which only belong to JESUS. 

The eyes of our children. 


Last time it was the sign of the beast. 

The eye gates lead to the hearts of our children. This generation. 

When I was young I was told never to venture into darkness but seek LIGHT. 

Two others said, how come. It’s demonic. Why is it up in our screen. Do they not know the dangers of such activity can bring the demonic upon us. Opening the door to the devil. 

Dark face and eyes. A sign of demon worship. 

The response will be from the mature saints who specialize in this kind of activity. 

I just know JESUS and HIS LIGHT. 

You need to know not to go in dark places. 

A little leaven leavens the whole batch. 

In our warrior bride intercessory ministry, we see JESUS and LIGHT. We take our children to this place. On HOLY ground. And their parents.

There is only the shalom peace of JESUS in this place. In HIS divine Presence. 

Holy ground. 

Better seek JESUS’ face church.

I was asked to say something so I’m writing about it. I believe in a totally transparent life style. 

We gotta do house cleaning. You know how to house clean, right. 

I’ve already pleaded the blood of JESUS over our screen. 


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