The Authenticity Of Scripture

Spiritual growth.
Let it all pour forth out LORD JESUS.
For all eternity. Here and now. Today for all eternity.

It’s good to meditate on what it all means. The cleansing water of the Word of God.

Chapter 4
The authenticity of Scripture.
I’m having so much fun going over ‘The Bible And The Church’, again. This is fun for me. A ‘me thing’.
Then the LORD spoke to my heart in a song, and it’s true, I’m so in love with JESUS.
But I was brought in my thoughts in study to a level higher. Thought.
For in the end. When it’s all said and done.
It’s just all JESUS to me in the end.
This is my first and foremost calling.
All all all all JESUS.
Nothing else matters.
I do not know what heaven will be like but I know this. I shall be with JESUS. A certainty.
What more does a warrior bride of Christ need. To be honest.
For in the end, all shall pass.
JESUS is the light of the world.
When I see HIM, Face to face. O dear me. I shall run into HIS arms and never let go.
I may do so now but ‘on that day’ it’s what I shall do.
Funny how conversation goes with the LORD. Can you beat this?
I’m studying the authenticity of Scripture and JESUS asks me for total devotion to HIM and HIM alone.
I’m a Spirit-led believer.
I love my life. It’s awesome.


You know, I’ve decided to use these. Especially yesterday’s. For my SLR.

We are covered by the BLOOD of the LAMB.

It’s all by my Father’s amazing grace for HIS beloved child.


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