O, I Dream Of The Thing I Shall Do When I See JESUS, Face To Face!


Call me boring if you will but I shall continue to plod on in bible study. I love bible study. I was accused of not being biblical. How can this be, I asked myself. O perhaps I have just not explained myself, simply.
It takes me two weeks to dissect a chapter in Scripture. Not word for word but important words.
But today, as I’ve progressed, it would take me two weeks just to study and read about one verse. An important verse in Scripture.
I spent two weeks once in John. On Nicodemus. But today, with so much information, I could be there for a month or two.
Today, with advanced technology, I could just bask bask bask in one place and read read read.
I love word studies. With all the concordances, it gives me such depth and height of the meaning of a word and its geographical and historical and cultural and so on and so forth. Little squrps they had in those times.
JESUS is the centre of my life.
I’m like the stones that when Israel went back after seventy years and cried when they found and saw with their very own eyes the stones of the glorious temple which once was. Was no more and they took each burnt stone and rebuilt.
I cried too and I still do.
I get all involved in bible study. It becomes a part of my life.
I’m like this one stone. We are living stones right.
Tried by fire.
Seven times like silver.
You all had the study right.
O so probably not.
Though burnt, there were stones remaining.
Are we not all like this.


I did not get here by chance. Up there. To be honest, when I see JESUS, Face to face, I shall shall shall kiss HIM in HIS lips. And smother HIM with my love. 


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