Turn To ME And I Will Make You As White As Snow

Heart of Stone


Do we all not still have places in our hearts that need changing!

I do, still. 

Pride is the greatest idol of self. So many kings fell in the Old Testament because of pride.

Here I am, take me.
It is funny, is it not, that the LORD uses the weak to shame the wise.
I’m so weak and not in the least strong at all. Now if it were when I was bowling, I could say, I could be the one of the strongest in the world but today, I feel the weakest one. Yet, the fragrance of the LORD shines through as I’m surrendered and submitted to the KING of king and LORD of lords, JESUS, who is the Christ.
And this alabaster jar of my heart pours out in passion. The same passion JESUS had for me on the cross before the foundations of the world. I have relentlessly sought who God is and found HIM.
My heart too bled as it is circumcised by HIS Word, by Christ, HIMSELF.
Have you felt your heart cut when the Holy Spirit circumcised it?
It did hurt the first time and I was petrified. Then I got used to the work of the Spirit and allowed the Holy Spirit to change me.
Here I am, LORD JESUS, take me as an offering. How my heart beats, JESUS.
Global University
ICA Academy
The Bible And The Church
Theological Education
Chapter 9
Man And Sin
Chapter 1

If you are a successful elite athlete, you possess the killer’s instinct. To make the kill. A heart of stone.
In the kingdom of God, there is only love, not kill.
So I turn turn turn like in the first chapter of Isaiah. Turn and face my Creator, Elohim. And become as white as snow. For in Genesis it says, man is evil continually.
So, here in YOUR Presence LORD JESUS, I lift up this part of my human nature to YOU that I may be changed in YOUR Presence.
Man And Sin
Chapter 1
Global University
ICA Academy
Theological Education
Life application.
Lifting up my old nature to the LORD and exchanging it for the new one Christ has so graciously won for me on the cross.
It is good to publicly lay down your sin at the foot of the cross.
Do you hear the heavens calling out!
JESUS is singing to me.
It’s about changing me.


The circumcision of my heart.




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